Privacy Policy

Subsequently the Privacy Policy of MY-US-STORE, which is valid for all customer information.

By completion and transmission of a form for order purposes, the customer forwards personal data to MY-US-STORE.

MY-US-STORE uses solely the by the customer transferred personal data (e.g. salutation, name, address, email address, telephone number, payment information) under the terms of the data privacy laws for the purpose of accounting and fulfillment of the contract. In this respect MY-US-STORE collects, saves and processes solely data provided by the customer during the order process and intends not to analyze customer’s behavior in any way. MY-US-STORE applies cookies to allocate requests and requirements of prospective customers.

For the fulfillment of the contract, namely the delivery, personal data of our customers will be forwarded to the shipping company, insofar as it is necessary for the delivery of goods. The carrier is likewise in bond to use personal data of customers solely according to the terms of data privacy laws.

The customer is authorized anytime via info (@) to ask for changes, suspension or deletion of his / her personal data and to disagree with the use of his / her data for direct marketing or commercial purposes.

Beyond the aforementioned Privacy Policy all transferred personal data by customers to MY-US-STORE will never be passed on to third parties, without a separate written consent, except this has to be done due to legal restraints or official order.

With the entire fulfillment of the contract, which includes a complete and definite settlement of the agreed consideration, all customer data, which have to kept by legal regulations, except this data where a written consent for further usage was given, will be blocked. This data is no longer available for further usage.

The customer is authorized anytime to ask for changes, suspension or deletion of his / her personal data.

This Privacy Policy is available anytime at the website of MY-US-STORE.